Wooden Floor Restoration

Wooden Floors are expensive and require the best possible care

If you have wooden floors installed at your property then you can rely on YOROOFY to provide you with the best in the industry finishing, sealing and restoration services. We recondition your old wooden floors to new.

Properly finished wood is the easiest of all floor surfaces to keep clean and looking like new, year after year, with only minimal care. But often the floors become dull with footfall and can develop stains due to spillage.

We have worked on various hard-wood flooring types to understand the best methods to improve and preserve the quality of wood floors.

Wooden Floor Services
  • Surface Finishing : We have experience in repairing stained wooden floors and restoring them to the original texture. We also buff wooden floors.
  • Surface Sealing : Sealing the wooden surface with our latest Wooden Surface sealers to provide durability and long life to your floors.
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