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Commercial/Home Sanitization & Deep Cleaning Services in Gurgaon with Govt. Approved Chemicals to Get Rid of Viruses & Bacteria

YOROOFY offers Coronavirus Sanitization Services in Gurgaon for Home & Offices. We are the best & experienced professionals to offer Commercial & Residential/Home sanitization & deep cleaning services in Gurgaon. Home/House Deep Cleaning is available for Residential complex, Apartments, Villas, Independent House, Farm House etc. Commercial Deep cleaning includes Industries & Factories, Corporate Offices, Multiplex, Shopping Centres and Retail Stores, Educational institutions, Hotels & Hospitals etc.

Important Sections:

Sanitization of Offices & Homes to Kill Coronavirus & to Make Offices, Corporates & Homes COVID 19 Free

sanitization services in gurgaon

We provide best deep cleaning services, dust removal & sanitization services to kill CoronaVirus. To make your home/residence free from Coronavirus, one should take help of professionals like us who are expert in this field.

We use Sodium Hypochlorite (Environmental Cleaning Guidelines for Healthcare Settings - Page No. 25) & other chemicals approved by Ministry of Health of India.

Corporates, govt. offices & big private offices are in much more need of sanitization & disinfection as the movement of public is very frequent.

We provide best sanitization services in Gurgaon to make your homes & offices coronavirus free.

Why Us

why us for commercial housekeeping services in gurgaon
  • We have 20 years of experience of Deep Cleaning, Housekeeping & Facility Management
  • We are successfully serving multinational brands for last few years like McDonalds, Samsung, Airtel, Toyota & many more
  • We are serving every industry like Food Industry, Hospital, Hospitality Industry, Telecom Industry etc.
  • We have inhouse team of trained professionals, which helps us of being punctual & delivery of quality services in best possible prices
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • We are committed to our customers and are guided in all we do by their needs
  • We are complete and seek to provide exceptional service and engage in proactive behavior
  • We are driven to pursue the highest standards and continuously improve in all aspects of our business
  • We are experts and dominate the industry in scale and scope with an adaptable, extensive network that consistently delivers exceptional results

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Deep Cleaning: Residential

Residential Deep Clean Offer

We offer best deep cleaning for Kitchen, bathrooms, kitchen chimney, sofa, carpets and complete home/apartments.

No matter how rigorously and regularly you clean your home there is always somewhere in the nooks & corner of the house where an individual’s hand wouldn’t go and thus will need further attention.

Unless, you are a cleaning enthusiast and holds all the right products and tools required for specific spaces & furnishings, efficient cleaning of homes & offices would not just be an uphill task but an unsatisfactory one too. Hence let the professionals give your home a makeover.

Different from housekeeping, Deep Cleaning is for homes, offices, industrial & educational spaces that specifically cleanse the spaces deeply getting through hard-to-reach areas.

And just like deep cleaning is a task, similarly searching a cleaning contractor that provides excellent service, results and reliability is a difficult quest. With deep cleaning, not only your place is given intense cleaning but overall maintenance and manoeuvring is given acute attention.

Kitchen & Bathroom Deep Cleaning

Kitchen & Bathroom Deep Cleaning

What is all included in Residential Deep Cleaning Services?

  • Residential complex
  • Apartments
  • Rooms, Living, Lobby and Lifts
  • Club house and Pool area
  • Grounds and Gardens

Finding a cleaning contactor that provides all these severely neglected residential & commercial cleaning services used to be an almost impossible task in Delhi NCR in earlier years. However, now that YOROOFY has manifested and is advancing since 20 years, things could not get any easier.
YOROOFY commits to perform the following residential cleaning services:

  • Radical deep cleaning of rooms, bathrooms and clubhouse facilities (to prevent growth of molds and germs)
  • Regular replenishing of consumables (hand wash, toilet paper, tissues etc)
  • Lights, fitting and furnishings dusted
  • Waste bins cleaned and disinfected daily
  • Pest and weed control prevention

The residential cleaning services will also manage everything that encompass the tasks of optimum residential cleaning, care, maintenance and floor maintenance worries

Why YOROOFY? No to-do, No mess, No backache!

Deep & Spring Cleaning Services at YOROOFY Gurgaon– is for homes & offices in and around Gurgaon, and we are assured that we can attack those tricky-touchy places that you can’t reach or will miss.

Many top estate envoys, builders, renovation companies and to-let agents, rely on the expertise of YOROOFY to carry out comprehensive, all-point cleaning system designed to leave any home or retail property in a condition pleasing for inhabitants and new occupants.

  • You can expect exceptional personalized cleaning and maintenance services
  • Use best methods to protect and preserve your valuable assets for extended time period
  • Marble, Granite floors, Vinyl tiles, carpets, furniture and other valuable investments are given a far longer, healthier lifespan and is not possible with average and household cleaning methods.
  • In spite of the expansion into cleaning services in Gurgaon and all-embracing advancement of this well established venture, YOROOFY maintains the ideology that their objective is not to be the biggest, but be the best in every aspect of extensive cleaning & maintaining services.
  • Trained staff to execute their individual tasks backed by ongoing training with respect to new products, tools and techniques as they become available on the market, warranting that individual needs of each customer are met to the fullest.
  • No in-house staff members needed!

YOROOFY Services – What exactly do our cleaners do?

  • Deep and spring cleaning
  • Eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • Residential and Retail Cleaning
  • Commercial and Industrial Cleaning
  • Move-in, Move-Out, Pre-occupation clean ups, Post occupation, End of tenancy clean ups
  • Construction/Post renovation dust removal
  • Bacteria & Mildew Prevention and Removal
  • Ceiling & Carpeting deep clean
  • Pest-prevention and Hygiene Services
  • Sinks, Showers, Tiles, Ovens and Fixture cleaning
  • Ironing services
  • Windows and mirrors
  • Dusting and polishing
  • One-off cleans
  • Kitchens/Canteen/Pantry clean ups
  • After Party Cleaning
  • 24/7 emergency cleaning


Due to the environmental conditions in Delhi NCR region, there is a huge accumulation of germs in the work place. Targeting the areas that are neglected and have stockpiled bacterial compounds over time, has always been our forte. Check below for our specialized residential deep clean services.

Specialised Residential Deep Clean Services – What exactly YOROOFY cleaners do?


Benefits of Room & Living Room Deep Clean
  • Cleaning and caring of all floors and surfaces,
  • Cupboards cleanup on the inside and outside,
  • clean carpet, curtain, ceiling, upholstery, windows, and glass,
  • Lobby, Lights, Fans, Staircase ACs cleaning
  • Furniture and fixture like ledges door handles and showcase dusting
  • All hangings and painting dusted


Offering a vast spectrum of deep cleaning services within residential, commercial, retail and industrial, YOROOFY makes sure all the restrooms and toilets facilities are cleaned & replenished to the highest standards.

Benefits of Toilet & Bathroom Deep Clean

  • Deep cleaning kills all living bacteria to avert the spread of frightening disease like Herpes, Hepatitis B, Impetigo, Virus, Typhoid fever, Food Poisoning, and Cholecystitis
  • Thoroughly cleaned cabinets, shower, faucets, wash basin and tops, glass partition and fixtures
  • Develops non-difficulty for tough-to-clean commodes, surfaces, and tiles
  • Walls and tiles that become marked with all sort of bacterial accumulations, making it impossible for the regular cleaning tools to scrub and disinfect away.
  • Restore the toilet and bathroom facilities by sterilizing and sanitizing all areas to level of hotel standards.
  • increase the health, hygiene & happiness of residents


Benefits of Garden Deep Clean
  • De-scuffing and disinfecting pool area
  • Manoeuvring grass and plantation
  • Filling in grout
  • Removing all the debris and animal mess
  • Dusting and fixing fences and pavement
  • Colour coded bins to avoid cross contamination

Why deep cleaning is necessary for residential & commercial premises?

Firstly, understand that a residential cleaning differs from commercial cleaning in few ways like kind of deep cleaning needed, products and techniques to be employed, chemicals or other solvents, dealing with a different kind of condition, clientele and others. When it comes to commercial cleaning, the word commercial typically means industrial cleaning and all that necessitates—Cleaning conference rooms, retail stores, buildings, machinery, occupied or blank spaces.

That said, a commercial cleaning service is extensively for facilities running into a business place (corporate offices, law firms, hotels/restaurants, medical facilities, laboratories etc) such as:

  • Heavy inside premise cleaning
  • construction or renovation clean ups
  • Commercial waste removal and disinfectant
  • Hazardous clean up like fire or flood clean up
  • Cleansing facilities succumb to severe water, or other damage

With this saying it is also recommended that you find a cleaning company that provides comprehensive commercial or industrial cleaning as they are certain to clean better and will do wonders for your residential and home cleaning.

Need for deep cleaning in residential & commercial premises

  • Thorough Spring Floor Sweeping: One layout in home that’s ubiquitous to dust stains and etches. Professional de-scuffing of any type of floor will keep it spot free and dirt free. Cleaning by a professional becomes all the more unavoidable if your home does not have a carpet.
  • In-depth clean & De-contamination of the Floors and Surfaces: Home floor and walls is full of microorganism that can be hazardous to anyone’s health, particularly the kids. These germs bacteria prevailing in homes are usually transmitted to one another through touch. And a skilled cleaner with right cleaning products can only help getting rid of such nasty microorganism by thoroughly disinfecting the surfaces. It also involves Stair, elevator & lift cleaning.
  • Dry/Wet Vacuuming of Carpets & Upholstery: Apart from floor, Carpet is one item in the house that’s never free from dust. It implies that residents as well as guests will be inhaling dust which is a health hazard. Deep clean ensures that home carpets and mats are all not just spot free, dust free but disinfected too thus healthy home environment.
  • Furniture Upkeep: Furniture is usually made of wood, rexene or leather. These materials tend to attract dirt even when they are circumscribed. Professionals know just how much air ventilation is needed and thus make provisions of dusting and venting, granting you your precious time and tidiness.
  • Kitchen/Pantry/Canteen Cleanup: For all you know, kitchen is one place that gets the messiest and greasiest. The fuss of it must not affect your health with the germs creeping around on the food remainders. To deal with health-hazarding germs and creating for a hygienic, well groomed kitchen, all you need is a competent cleaner.
  • Pollution free environment: Dedicated cleaning company offering deep cleaning ensures that every dustbin is emptied. It also involves dumping the waste depending on whether it is recyclable or not. Another thing that irks the most and is just beyond one’s control is formation of cobwebs around ceiling, walls, corners and window panes. A skilled cleaner is a best way out to remove the entire cobweb from any nooks and corners and not letting it form anytime soon either.
  • Cleaning that Housekeeping finds hard to Do:
    • Toilet and Urinal Cleaning: Toilets and bathrooms are one such place not everyone is comfortable cleaning them or are either even efficient cleaning them the way they need to be. However, more than a room the bathroom/toilet need to be clean all the time, to prevent any illness spreading. Only professionals can take care of it the way it necessitates— cleaning from the core— adding new toilet perfumes—preventing you involving in the sleaziness of it.
    • Automatic Doors Cleaning: Cleaning of automated door is not a task anyone can do. It can result in damaging the door. To avoid any unforeseen damage, professional service becomes inevitable.
    • Window Cleaning: When the see-through windows become nearly invisible you might just loose the purpose o having them for safety and beauty. Because of dust Light can’t pass through and you may know what you need. Also the fingerprints on door, cabinet, mirror and glass surfaces that are just impossible to vanish away with regular cleaning are just a task of minutes with professionals.
    • Polishing Door and Cabinet Handles: Most homes have splendid door and cupboard handles coated in gold/silver polish. To restore and retain the affluent, this service is just mandatory.
    • Bin Liners Replacement: When bin bags are brimmed, cleaners remove and do immediate replacement, thus saving you from the mucky-murky feeling.
    • Mirror Polishing: Handkerchief to clean the mirror does nothing. And when polishing can make give the clarity of a crystal then why even waste time rubbing them on your own. All the wash basins and kitchen sinks are also cleaned thoroughly.
    • Garden and Outside Cleaning: A home with a garden multiplies its beauty but barely anyone ever think to keep it clean regularly. Well, professional cleaners can let you have the pleasure of enjoying the beauty of both home and garden.
    • Home Furniture Relocation: With move in move out, cleaning services is all that one may need to enjoy a well-done, chic space.

The company that is supposed to do your residential and commercial cleaning should be able to provide you with a checklist like that above. It is also helpful in identifying the cost of the cleaning service with which you will be in a position to convert your home/office into a perfectly place ideal for a peace & profitability. It will also help discovering the areas which you will have never even thought of when considering cleaning home and office.

What does our Professional Deep Cleaning Include?


A. Independent house
B. Apartments
C. Villa
D. Independent floors
E. Bungalow
F. Farm Houses
G. Row houses

It includes comprehensive domestic cleaning service to home owners, tenants, real estate brokers and managers.

Our Residential cleaning service includes the following:


  • Cleaning & Disinfecting Kitchen surface, slab, countertops and verticles
  • De-greasing gas stove, burners and tops that are deposited with oil and milk spills
  • Dusting the cabinets inside out filled in with dirt, animal excretions & remains
  • Cleaning the chimney inside out thronged with oiling produced while cooking
  • Full oven steam cleaning that’s staled spotted
  • De-cluttering and disinfecting refrigerator stuffed with stale, rotten food
  • Servicing RO water purifiers which is not processing purified water due to fiddled carbon content
  • Cleaning and de-contaminating sink clogged with residual
  • Cleaning and Replacing Containers filled with unpleasant, expiry material
  • Cleaning all taps that is marked with finger prints and dirty hands
  • De-clutter and organise cupboards and other areas
  • Checking for gas supply and its appropriateness
  • Pest control
  • Waste disposal and management

Cars & 2-wheelers

  • Car interior cleaning ( dashboard, seat cover, under the seat, leg room, boot space) grimed with foot dirt and soiling
  • Dusting & Disinfecting Steering & Gear Box
  • Cleaning rear view mirrors, side mirror, windows, music system and speakers
  • Polishing the exterior and chrome polishing

Dining room and Bed rooms

  • Cleaning bedrooms, living rooms in both large and small condo buildings Sofa, Curtain, Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Shampooing & Disinfecting
  • Area under carpet that accumulates dirt clean up
  • Window Glass cleaning, handles and panels, skirting’s and framing marked with fingerprints, stains or moist
  • Rooms and Living area Furniture dusting and Polishing
  • Cleaning cabinets inside out
  • Removing liquid spills, spots, marks from walls and floors
  • Moving any furniture where necessary
  • Table and Chair cleaning
  • De-cluttering and removing debris from areas under immovable furniture

Garden Areas

  • Clearing off old planters and pots and removing dead plants to let new ones bloom.
  • Clearing of pots to kill any bacteria and residue
  • Not cutting any early spring flower while Pruning Up the Garden
  • Pruning off damaged branches preventing it from spreading & damaging the whole plant
  • Using fully composted yard waste as manure for lush vegetation
  • Filling in grout area
  • Organizing the plantation and pebbles beautifully
  • De-scuffing fountain and any waterfall
  • Removing out all bugs that can make way for germs and viruses
  • Cleaning garden area thoroughly of dry leaves that breeds diseases and can attack the fresh leaves appearing during spring
  • Pruning damaged branches as and when you spot them. This will prevent the disease.
  • Arranging and putting plants as per their sunlight needs, letting them grow to their full capacity
  • Spacing plants in a way that they do not affect each other’s growth and also leave necessary soil, mineral & water for one another.


  • Scrub or sweep the floor of the terrace using multi-surface cleaner depending on floor type
  • Remove dirt from a soiled patio
  • Combating all the unsightly Moss & flagstones from the corners and side digs on the terrace. This green moss is also dangerously slippery in wet weather.


  • De-cluttering the garage with all the unwanted, irrelevant objects
  • Provisioning garage floor in a way to prevent people from parking or even strolling
  • Extracting the stains and spots out of the concrete
  • Polishing or refurnishing garage floor. We can also paint with epoxy paint
  • Resurfacing a pitted concrete garage floor
  • Creating track storage for easy access to tools
  • Cutting the hooks off the cords that can be perilous for kids and adults alike.
  • Create capable storage space in your garage to house any stuff and weight like a sledgehammer, store shovels, any long-handled equipments


  • Deep cleansing & high-pressure washing from top to bottom (ceiling-to-walls-to-floor-to-fixture)
  • Remove dust from wall vents, ceiling corners/grids, window sills, door frames, glass partitions, mirror, light fixtures and other high dust areas that may deposit dirt.
  • Cleaning all toilets and sanitary appliances in public places
  • Bathtub, commode and Boiler washing
  • Emptying all trash tins and discarding tissue & sanitary napkins
  • Replacing the bin liners and Spraying with sanitation spray
  • Checking and re-filling the soap dispenser and securing each soap dispensing unit.
  • Cleaning the exterior of the soap dispensers and removing any deposit around the delivery area.
  • Replacing & adding more paper towels as necessary
  • Damp wiping & disinfecting the hand dryer, jet spray, flush handles and other chrome coating fixture
  • Cleaning the stains and yellow blemishes from the commode & urinal giving it powerful whitening effect
  • Cleaning any blood or body fluids, or soiled compounds that could contain prospectively hazardous infectious germs also reducing the risk or cross-contamination
  • Floor Cleaning at the farthest corner
  • Unclogging the drains
  • Cleaning washbasins, drains, and counters feuded with hair or debris
  • Spot Cleaning to remove any stains and dust from walls and switches or fixtures.
  • Rinsing bowl mop, particularly, to the underside of the flush rim, preventing deposition of disease-spreading germs and foul odours
  • Replacing the urinal screens and thoroughly wet clean all surfaces including faucets, exit door, door tracks, and showerhead to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Creating proper Ventilation that will help banish accumulated stench produced by use
  • Placing the danger markers

Store rooms

  • In-depth Cleaning and organizing storage room to fight dirt and mold build-up on surfaces and even items
  • Cleaning out undesirable contents from the cabinets and shelves that will help avoid erosion of stored items or damage due to moisture
  • Move the drawn out items back to storage shelves
  • Wiping and dusting the stored items
  • Mopping the floor and taking out any webs or dust composites around shelves, ceiling
  • Sweeping off the floor of tough stains that the mop cannot remove.

Prayer room

  • Cleaning the outside and way into the prayer room so no dirt gets through
  • Cleaning and buffing of scriptures
  • Mopping the bench without shifting the idol

Workout area

  • Clearing off dust from machinery and free weights and machinery
  • Sanitizing machinery & other gym equipments to prevent cross-contamination
  • Well-designed workout area & classifications of right equipment in the right spot and the right decorating scheme.
  • Finely finished basement with sufficient lighting system and access to natural light
  • Checking and fixing special flooring for heavy lifting, mirrors for users
  • Dry cleaning of monitors in machines
  • Making sure the gym space is moist free to not let mold build-up

Commercial Deep Cleaning Services

Our commercial Cleaning service includes for the followings:

A. Industries & factories
B. Corporate Offices, Multiplex, shopping centres and Retail Stores
C. Real estates and property managers
D. Educational institutions
E. Hotels & Hospitals

Range of commercial Cleaning service includes:

Office and commercials:

  • Cleaning the cabins, workstations and other furniture
  • Sweeping & buffing of all sorts of floors & surfaces
  • Washing of doors and windows
  • Washing and disinfecting of washrooms, commodes, jet sprays
  • AC, lights, fans, switchboards & other electrical fittings cleaning
  • Sofa, Carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning Workshop, garages and External Cladding
  • Industrial Stacks, and Ductwork cleaning
  • Power Plant and Steel Plants cleaning and disinfecting
  • Clean and Treat fuel
  • Sewage Water management
  • Marble Buffing and refinishing
  • Ultrasonic and Plasma mopping and Etching
  • Conveyors, elevators, stairs and Chains cleaning

Frequency of Deep Cleaning required

Our advice to clients who work in aggressive establishments or have frequently functional homes to deep cleanse there facilities at least every quarter making it a more organized, sanitized and a happier place to be in.

YOROOFY gives you a detailed quotation, presenting you the complete package that is required for extensive deep cleaning solution. Once the deep cleaning is complete, our experienced staff will take your consent on the final fished room. Our end results are always delightful, though if you still find yourself unsatisfied, we are at your service with the redo.

What are the Equipment and Chemicals Used?

Ever wondered why deep cleaning is different and often desirable than standard cleaning in commercials and residences? It’s primarily because of the tools and techniques used in the procedure.

Must-Have Cleaning Tools

Cleaning equipment and cleaning solution fit for purpose

  • Glass cleaner chosen for a streak-free formula to clean mirrors, windows, panes, and other glass with little effort.
  • Tile and grout cleaner: Acid-based solution with use of a neutral-pH cleaner works best on toilets, shower tile as well as bathtub.
  • Wood cleaner: Opt for cleaning wood furniture, made for different type of polish/finish.
  • Chemical dosing and hoses equipment fitted to avert any contamination in water pipes

Sanitizers & Disinfectants

Sanitizers: Sanitize surfaces that frequently encounter food and spills in order to decrease the number of bacteria. Since, Sanitizers do not kill pathogens, disinfectants come into picture.

Disinfectants: Disinfecting surfaces kill germs and minimize the risk of contamination

Cleaning equipment

Cleaning equipment can be classified into 2 types:

A. Manual Equipment
B. Mechanical Equipment

Manual Equipment

This kind of equipment's functionality is dependent on the energies and competencies of the worker. The equipments under this category includes:-

  • Microfiber cloth: a highly absorbent fabric that helps wiping down surfaces in rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dining, and common areas. It’s a soft product that shouldn’t scratch surfaces.
  • Scrubby sponges: Its 2-in-1 double sided sponge. The soft-spongy side works excellent for most cleanups, while the scrubby side enables tackling tougher jobs. An ideal tool for kitchen and bathroom cleanups
  • Abrasives: made of grit papers are used to rake off stubborn spots and deposits from wooden or metal surfaces.
  • Long held duster: dodging the issue of height, extendible dusters get you through the tops of the ceiling fans, inbuilt storages and nook and corners up there
  • Brooms: a cleaning accessory that can be extended to clean hard surfaces and areas hard to reach.
  • Brushes:
    There are different many brushes particular for a purpose like:
    • Grout brush: The narrow brushes let the grout lines get rid of residue, giving longer-lasting grout.
    • All-purpose brush: soft floor brush, hard floor brush, scrubber, bristled flush brush, feather brush, etc. are the different kind of brushes helps to get rid of superficial, grounded grimes depending on the characteristic.

Mechanical Equipment

Either battery or electric power is required to operate this kind of equipment. These mechanical machines are highly helpful in easing labor and speeding up cleaning efficiency & effectivity.

  • Vacuum Cleaner: One easy to operate cleaning machine which is suitable for any kind of floor, carpeting or upholstery surface.
  • Polishing Machine: Kind of refinishing machine that works to get back the lost gloss of your floor.
  • Floor scrubber: A versatile cleaning machine to clean ALL kinds of floors in a single pass. Mechanized machine helps rinsing, scrubbing hard wood floors, dry tiles, carpets, rugs, safety mats, and more.
  • Steam vapor: A great way to have a complete deep clean, which includes both superficial and a sanitized clean. Steam at a temperature heated to +170°C is perfect to killing bed bugs, kill germs from bathrooms, removing greased and caked and fats in kitchens.

Housekeeping Services Prices vs. Deep Cleaning

While most of us would speculate that a deep cleaning professional service costs much more than a regular housekeeping service. However if you calculate wisely and take a general figure of housekeeping charges vs. deep clean charges you would know the reality.

Outsourcing housekeeping agents or maids for tedious household chores in a double storey 250sq.yards apartment would require at least 2 full-time cleaners at a time. And if the house facilitates a garden, garage or lawn then 3 cleaners is a necessity. Now per cleaner a verified agency charges approx 10k/month, this means 30k a month and 3.6Lacs p.a. This expense is exclusive of any cleaning products and tools and additional taxes. This further adds to buying specific tools and solutions for particular area that would demand another big amount plus the time and efforts to search for the right one. The cost might go up to 50k.

Howbeit, hiring a deep clean contractor for comprehensive services would cost about 20k inclusive of all tax, personnel, products and equipments. thus if you are getting a deep clean once in every quarter then it would cost you maximum 60k and if you get it done frequently (like once in 2months) then of course the space wont demand comprehensive services neither a large number of personnel thus even lower cost while taking off all the stress and clearing off all the crumbs scattered in one go— significantly enhancing your quality of life.

Decide which makes sense to you - 60k or 3.6 LPA?

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