Facility Management

What really is Facility Management?

Just like a home is not home without its inhabitants, similarly it does not justify to the definition of a home in absence of properly organized and maintained furniture, furnishing and the environment. Similarly a disorganized non-groomed office always lack productivity and peace amongst personnel. In order to boost productivity and prosperity in one’s social and financial life, it’s important to first consider caring for the roofs we roost under.

Fringing a range of services and disciplines, Facilities management is in pursuit to ensure the efficiency, functionality, safety and beauty of a built environment - buildings and surfaces, outdoor and indoor recreational, infrastructure, cultivation and real estate.

It’s actually a planned approach undertaken only by the superlative professionals in order to garnish and nourish a space concern.

What is included in facility management?

It includes:
  • Hospitality and business continuity management
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Building, construction and post-construction management
  • Communications management
  • Energy, Emergency & Environmental protection, sustainability, management
  • User-friendly Real estate, Property & Project management
  • Plumbing, gardening, ventilating, heating and cooling on physical assets
  • Custodial services, catering,
  • Security
  • Lease accounting & grounds keeping

Why choose facility management services from YOROOFY?

At YOROOFY, we prioritize the following:

The Clients

The people we serve are our priority. Our cleaning and maintenance services are not only superior but affordable, with our professionals highly trained.

The Habitat

We protect the habitat by using only cleaning products and cleaning soft tools those are environmental friendly or sustainable.

Choose the YOROOFY Experience

Each staff member is organized & Each MO is undertaken strategically

  • Deciding on your ‘keeping’ & ‘catapulting criteria – filtering things to keep and discard during cleanout
  • Choosing what to do with the home de-clutter— Sell it, Donate It or Auction it Online
  • Deep clean the property
  • Placing furniture systematically so it does not cause stumbling while strolling
  • Deodorizing and ventilating the place for adequate air passage

Key benefits of using our facility management services are: - FMs

  • Our facility managers (FMs) have different titles, and share different roles but common objective of a rejuvenated residence or office within respective organizations.
  • FMs arrive in their chosen work through a range of career paths. They’re liable for ensuring systems of the built environment, amenity or facility, work sprucely.
  • Designated FMs are responsible to maintain what is often an organization’s biggest and most valuable assets, such as premises, property, buildings, grounds, garden, flora, instrument and other environments that harbors people, personnel, product, productivity, and other critical aspects of operation.
  • Only offers facility and services that it is actually rendering and not rumoring around
  • Serves residential and commercial property & community through industry thought integrated FM services, assistance, supremacy, networking, and resourcefulness.
  • Free in-house estimates and fully insured FM, ensuring peace of mind when you enter your home.
  • Incredibly economical idea to transform dull depreciating property into one that’s dazzling
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