Marble Polishing

Combined experience of 150 years in Marble Restoration

Over time, any stone floor will sustain wear and damage, and marble is no exception. When you need a thorough, long-lasting solution for your dull, worn out or damaged stone, trust us to give it a high gloss finish with shine durability. By the time we are done, you will be shocked to see the results. We also provide 100% shine guarantee for Hotel Lobbies.

Give it a brand-new shine!

Over the years, we have worked with Top Hotel chains such as Radisson, Le Meridien, Taj, Hyatt, Accor and Lemon Tree. We innovate new methods, and have spent years mastering marble restoration techniques, including working with marble grinding professionals in India. Restoration will last 3-5 times longer than polishing. Polishing merely fills in scratches. Restoration removes all scratches and damage from your stone floor.

The Process

Foot traffic and other factors damage the surface of your marble or natural stone and ruin the finish. High traffic areas sustain more damage, leading to unevenness.

We overcome this by a process using sequentially finer diamond abrasives to cut through worn, scratched, etched, or otherwise damaged areas including areas worn from foot traffic or traffic patterns, then re-polish or re-hone, and seal to restore your desired finish. Your property remains neat and clean. Your marble and stone floors will be returned to their best finish with minimal disruption to the surrounding area.

Types of Job Work

In terms of marble floors, we cover Indian, Makrana White, Black, Kota, Golden, Onyx, Oman Red, Italian White, Boticino, Katni, Dholpur, Travertine, Emerald Green, Antique etc

We provide One Time Restoration Services for Residential buildings, Banquet Halls, and Offices especially when the stone is initially dull in appearance.

For areas with high footfall, periodic maintenance is required such as in Hotels & Hospitals. Here we provide Annual Maintenance Contract for lobby areas and other general areas with marble flooring which includes providing manpower to consumables and ulitmately a peace of mind.

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