Floor Scrubbing

We use European machines to scrub your floors

Over time, dust setttles on the all kinds of floors such as tiles and stone floors. When the dust comes in contact with moisture, it converts to dirt and sticks to the surface and in grooves and grouts. The only way to clean this is to scrub the floor with an appropriate machine and chemical.

YOROOFY provides good results on dirty residential and commercial floors with the Scrubbing service where our experienced machine operator will scrub the floor evenly and in time the dull stone will be thoroughly cleaned. This service is most suitable for external areas such as drive ways on floors like tiles and kota.

Scrubbing needs to be done on a periodic basis to keep the floor neat and tidy, which is why YOROOFY offers reasonably priced periodic scrubbing services where we will visit your premises once a month and do the entire scrubbing of all the floors. We will also take care of dirt strapped to the skirting area.

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Sat-Sun: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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