Vitrified Glossy Tile Polishing

1st time in India – Now restoring vitrified glossy tiles is just as simple as calling us

With vitrified tiles commonly found everywhere- from commercial places such as malls to homes, YOROOFY has been a pioneer as the 1st Indian company to launch the restoration of Vitrified Glossy Tiles of all shapes and sizes. 100% safe and 100% results.

How does Vitrified Tiles Restoration work?

Vitrified tiles are created with the vitrification process which enables them to have low porosity, are stain-resistant and do not require any type of sealing. Also, since there is no surface glaze, the vitrified tiles have a consistent color and texture throughout the whole tile. With time and movement on them, the tiles become dull and get scratched. At times, a glossy tile might appear to be a matte tile due to scratches.

At YOROOFY, we have specialized a unique process to polish and restore the shine and texture of the glossy tiles without damaging the tile. This method is completely damage proof and gives the tiles a brand-new gloss.

YOROOFY Tiles Restoration cost vs New Tiles Replacement cost

If you consider the total cost of replacing tiles of a floor area, you’d find spending anything between Rs 60/- to Rs 300/- and even more. This cost compared to the cost of our services is almost 250% higher. The choice is yours.

Other benefits of our services compared to replacing the tiles are: -

  • Time : Our process is fast and non-messy as compared to installing new tiles.
  • Business Loss : ZERO. We have a team of reliable and flexible workmen who can work and finish the job during non-working hours.
  • Economical :: Our services cost only 25 to 30% the cost of installing new tiles. We also take AMCs for glossy tiled floors.
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