Granite Polishing

With us, you get the most Sparkling Granite Shine!

Over time, any stone floor will sustain wear and damage, and granite is no exception. With granite commonly found in walkways, lobbies and other services areas with heavy footfall, the gloss of the granite floor often gets diminished with time.

How does Granite Restoration work?

Granite is often one of the hardest floors commonly found at residential and commercial places. Due to its hardness, not everyone can bring out the true shine of this stone. Our Granite restoration and polishing services will not only remove scratches and scuff marks from the top layer but will also give the floor an optimum glazed shine. Restoration will last 3-5 times longer than polishing. Polishing merely fills in scratches. Restoration removes all scratches and damage from your stone floor.

The Process

Our Granite Process includes the following steps:-

  • Scrubbing of the floor to remove mild dirt and dust
  • Grinding of the floor with Japanese diamond grits
  • Honing of the floor evenly
  • Crystallizing with YOROOFY special Granite liquid/ solid polish depending on the condition of the floor
  • Speed buffing to bring out the gloss from the stone
  • Vitrifying the floor for max shine
Types of Job Work

We provide One Time Restoration Services for Granite for vertical areas, bathroom counters and slabs, and skirtings. For periodic maintenance, such as in Hotels & Hospitals, we provide Annual Maintenance Contracts covering all resources – from manpower to consumables.

We provide One Time Restoration Services for Residential buildings, Banquet Halls, and Offices especially when the stone is initially dull in appearance.

For areas with high footfall, periodic maintenance is required such as in Hotels & Hospitals. Here we provide Annual Maintenance Contract for lobby areas, verticals, bathroom counters and other general areas with granite flooring, which includes providing manpower to consumables and ulitmately a peace of mind.

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