Carpet Cleaning

What is Inside your Carpet?

A carpet’s life will be governed by many factors, starting with the selection process that must take both aesthetic and performance considerations into account. Once selected, nothing will work to extend the life of your carpet more than a carefully planned and conscientious program of maintenance.

Over these years, we have mastered the art of deep cleaning the carpets using various methods. Depending on the type of piles and the area, we choose the best method which not only enables the carpet’s life expectancy but also improves the quality of indoor air.

Multiple ways to achieve the CLEANEST carpets

To maintain a good visible standard, the carpet will require deep cleaning on a weekly / monthly / as required basis (depending on weather conditions and volume of traffic). Deep cleaning can be carried out using various methods such as:-


A mild carpet safe water-soluble chemical, mixed with water, is sprayed on to the carpet surface and is left o to agitate the dirt. Then, using a pile-safe vacuum, the solvent is extracted from the depth of the carpet. This ensures removal of suspended soil particles trapped inside as well as the dirt from the top layer piles.


In this method, we use a Scrubbing machine with a dry foam generator and place the machine directly on the carpet. The spinning brush below the machine along with the dry foam rinses the carpet thoroughly and cleans form within. The residue is vacuumed, and the carpet is let to dry.


At 140 degrees, Steam can kill pathogens and other forms of bacteria breeding in the piles of a carpet. Steam and hot water also ensure complete sanitation of the carpet with the benefit of deep cleaning.

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